Who is anna nicole smith dating

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We had a lot of fun on the show.'Then she told me she wanted to lose 100 lbs and I was sure I could help, so I became her chef and fitness trainer. I built a gym for her in her basement of her Beverly Hills house.'She worked really hard and never complained. It took a long time but she lost 105 lbs with my help.'As her chef, I taught her how to make nutritional food and as her trainer we worked out together.

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I'd like to pick your cherries.' She cracked up laughing.'We started to cook together, I showed her how to do pancakes.'Nobody ever talks about the good things Anna Nicole did.Everyone talks about the drugs, not the work she did for the Make A Wish Foundation or homeless kids. The legal tussle between Smith and Marshall's heirs continued after her death and were finally settled in the family's favor in 2014.She had a good head on her shoulders but people ripped her off.'Denk, an Austrian-born aspiring actor and stuntman, who appeared in 'Batman,' 'Batman Forever' and 'Collatoral Damage,' hit it off with Smith immediately.'My agent told me she was looking for a personal chef to appear on her reality TV show and he asked me to audition,' he said.'There were three chefs and myself.We all had coffee while she was sleeping and then everyone got cooking.'The others did sushi, soufflé and mousse, that sort of stuff.'She is a Texas girl and she looked like she'd enjoy hearty, home cooked meals.

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