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This script needs to be run on a Share Point server: # Find the ADFS token signing cert$cert= New-Object System. At Content and Code, we have a lot of development VMs that rely on ADFS.

In this scenario, it’s quite possible that ADFS token signing certificates should expire, as the security risk is minimal or non-existent.

As such, we have built up a fair chunk of experience deploying and operating ADFS in both production and our own internal development environments..

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However, some users will still require the extra level of customisation.

If you aren’t familiar with using the ADFS Power Shell cmdlets, I suggest running “Windows Power Shell Modules” as administrator to get started: If you are the cautious type, you can run Get-ADFSProperties to check the current certificate duration before changing it.

You will probably find that you ADFS server is set to the default value of 365 days, but in this case I have already changed the value to 36500 using the script above: We can now create a new Token Signing certificate that will be valid for the new duration: By including the –Urgent parameter, we are triggering immediate certificate rollover, meaning that any reliant parties will need to be updated with the new certificate before authentication via ADFS can occur.

Assuming that you are using ADFS to generate the new token signing certificate, you can use the Set-ADFSProperties cmdlet to modify the Certificate Duration property, then create a new token signing certificate.

In the example below, new certificates won’t expire for 36500 days (100 years): Note that this needs to be run on the ADFS server.

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