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When they were all done cumming, they laid next to each other on Janessa's bed.

Ellie was still naked on the couch, watching TV with Laddie resting at her side. Since Janessa would be home any minute, Jason ran straight up to his room. He needed something to pass the time, so he laid his belly on the bed with his knees still on the ground and stuck his butt out. Ever since she was little, Ellie had given the best blowjobs, but she had never licked Jason's little pink butthole before. Lily wrapped her arms around him and kissed him on the lips. While Jason was eating away, the two girls started making out.

He figured Janessa would call him when she was ready, so he sat on his bed and started rubbing his cock. He had a pretty good image going in his head when he heard his older sister yell, "Jayjay, come here." He quickly got up and walked down the hall. He nervously walked into the room, his rock hard cock standing proudly at six inches. Jason put his mouth right up to her pussy and drank her juices as she came.

He wasn't ready to waltz right in and show off his cock to a stranger, so when he got to Janessa's room, he only stuck his head in. It tasted very sweet and Jason lapped up as much as he could.

Janessa and Lily were both standing next to the bed, dressed only in their panties. She was tall and had long brown hair and sparkling brown eyes. Lily, this is my little brother, Jason." Jason smiled awkwardly. They took a second to relax, and then the girls made their next move. Jason's hard cock pushed straight into her tight, but very wet pussy.

Her skin was tan, and she had no tan lines, even around her tits. Janessa took Lily's spot and gave her brother a faceful of pussy. She moaned and then started bouncing up and down, riding his cock.

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