Introverts dating introverts

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This is because ISTJs believe that the root cause of the disagreement is due to the other person not having the facts, prompting them to explain the facts.

Whether or not the ISTJ is correct, this tendency sometimes prevents the other person from explaining their opinion.

They assume customary gender roles in the relationship.

They like things to be done the proper way, and have little patience for unconventional approaches.

However, they see it as their duty to maintain a healthy relationship and they will put forth the effort to learn how to address their partner's feelings once they realize the need.

In a disagreement, the ISTJ's initial reaction is to convince the other person that the former is right.

ISTJs are more comfortable with having sex at the proper time and place.

They are not particularly attuned to people's feelings and may have difficulty venturing into relationships.

In these regards, ISTJs can inadvertently turn the argument into a win-lose situation, in which the other person agrees just to end the argument.

They can address their potential weaknesses by learning to see things from their partner's viewpoint and by appreciating the limitations of defining correctness based solely on facts.

Thus, they are better paired with Perceivers, who tend to "go with the flow".

Specifically, they are most suitable with those who have strong Extraverted Sensing functions, such as the ESFP and the ESTP. ESFPs bring a new level of joy, fun, and spontaneity to the ISTJ's life.

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