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This led to the success of such nonsense as homeopathy—a totally worthless nostrum that did no harm, thus allowing the body to heal itself.Another explanation may be found in examining what CAMers are offering that mainstream physicians are not: TLC.

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The trials to which they refer involve sophisticated methods to test the claim that drug X (say a statin drug) improves outcomes in disease Y (say cholesterol-related atherosclerosis).On the one side are scientists who have been unable to find any causal link between the symptoms of autism and the vaccine preservative thimerosal, which breaks down into ethyl mercury, the culprit du jour for autism’s cause.On the other side are parents who noticed that shortly after having their children vaccinated autistic symptoms began to appear.By this I do not just mean a hand squeeze or a hug, but an open and honest relationship with patients and their families that provides a realistic assessment of the medical condition and prospects.People are going alternative because in too many instances physicians have become highly skilled technicians—cogs in the cold machinery and massive bureaucracy of modern HMO medicine.

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