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One evening last week we had all started eating outside at the cozy corner so I went inside to check what was keeping him and Addý (Addý = the blond terrorist).And there they sat by the kitchen table playing chess, with his music on of course.It had being raining non-stop for about 2 weeks in Pemberton when Lucas proposed that we MFs should be headed to California to fly our paragliders. I remember being asked by the mean looking custom agent about Mr. We rolled thru the night smoking cigarettes and bought a 6 packs of delicious cold ones in Big Sur to keep us up and alert on the winding road along the coast to San Diego.

Your lifestyle and your energy are an exquisite example of freedom and an inspiration of happiness and true enjoyment of our time on this earth, and in this sky. We met because his wife and my wife were in a band together.He came over the other night for dinner, after the comp, before Revelstoke, whisky bottle in one hand and a dozen stories in the other.So proud of his shark biologist daughter and his grand children and his friend the airline pilot that flies him almost free, almost anywhere.It was so nice (even with the box of cigaretts on the table) that I took some photos. My condolences to his family that he loved so much and to all his friends around the world.That’s a great black and white photo of Lucas; in every craggy facial crinkle a story, dark eyes intense with a fiery burning adventurous spirit , Fu Manchu nic stained, smiling (well almost).

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