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We ended up bidding on a few plastic bins full of cars that were stashed under the tables.No one had picked through them yet and prices were staying quite low, so we thought why not!I know these aren’t barn finds per say, although the previous owner did have them stashed in one of his barns, but it was such a fun experience we just had to share!So if you ever see an estate auction with thousands of Hot Wheels, you really should stop by and see if you can add a few of these micro sized finds to your collection.Thankfully, they moved with the majority of the items quickly, but not quick enough.The weather had been rather cloudy, but just minutes before they were scheduled to start auctioning the collectibles, it began to rain.

So we stood there wondering what would happen and if we would be going home with 10k Hot Wheels.As soon as he pulled up, I jumped in and asked what was happening. We drove a few blocks down the street and turned into a property with a sign for an estate auction and that’s when I spotted a sign for Hot Wheels. Under two large tents were tables full of Hot Wheels!I spotted a large auction poster that claimed there were 20,000 cars.So, we grabbed our boxes, paid the auction house and loaded them up.As soon as we got back to the office, we started looking through them and discovered that we actually got some really cool stuff!

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