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Two more Mummies were presented, one named Victoria, which has no head and is very similar to the mummy Maria that everyone already knows, as well as a baby tridactyl whom they have called “Wawita”.Radiocarbon dating was performed by the UNAM, as well as a laboratory in the United States, where in both cases the different pieces date from 1000 to 1800 years old.They emphasize the orbits of the eyes in the Maria mummy, as well as the greater separation of the bones of the arm.

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The Albert mummy of 60 cm presents horizontalized ribs, correct biomechanical skeleton, swallowing function, but not chewing.

Jamin emphasizes the excellent work and professional diagnoses performed by Dr José Jesús Zalce Benitez (at min. Edson, who has been with him since the founding of Inkari, performing a very thorough job and he hoped that the detractors would hope pay more attention to what he has to say.

(He also mentioned) the biologist Jose de la Cruz Rios, an excellent professional and friend, who made the discovery and analysis of Josefina’s eggs.

He had been part of a highly skeptical official declaration that took place on July 10th against the research conducted thus far and against the illegal obtaining and subsequent manipulation and testing (without going through the proper channels) of what would be part of Peru’s national heritage.

I had asked them in person to come to the Gaia, Inkari, Maussan, scientists presentation but only one came.

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