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Consultants are trained to work one-on-one with writers at every stage of the writing process, from initial brainstorming to writing drafts, and from organizing ideas to revising or final editing.In addition, consultants help students with the wide variety of writing taught in different academic disciplines, as well as other kinds of academic or professional writing (e.g., cover letters for internships, resumes for job applications, personal statements for scholarships or graduate school).Academic Program -- Although they are not separated from the campus at large, Honors students at Albion do enroll in four unique Honors seminar courses in their first two years. Through their small size, discussion format and emphasis on critical thinking and writing, these special courses encourage students to value ideas and to play active roles in their own intellectual development.Great Issues in Science, Humanities, Social Science and Fine Arts all explore topics of current interest through the use of classical and contemporary readings. They also fulfill the special core curriculum for Honorsstudents which is outlined on p. In addition to the Great Issues seminars, Honors students must graduate with at least a 3.5 cumulative grade point average and produce an Honors thesis.The Honors thesis presents a unique opportunity for Honors students to develop their capacity for original and independent research or creative activity.It also provides excellent preparation for a variety of graduate programs and careers.The Learning Support Center helps students who want to improve or streamline their academic performance.

Peer consultants at the Writing Center support writers by responding to writing in process -- working together with student writers -- rather than by proofreading, editing or writing students' papers.The Metalonis Summer Research Fellowship was awarded to Jordan Troisi, and Kelly Parsell received the Metalonis Scholarship.The Metalonis Awards are made possible by Karen and Gary Metalonis in memory of their daughter Kirsten, a Psychology major who died just before she was to graduate in 1999.In addition to these services, the Quantitative Skills Center sponsors a series of workshops.Recent workshops have included such topics as using graphing calculators, solving story problems, overview of important calculus concepts, and preparing for graduate school entrance or teacher certification examinations.

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