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Jewish gates and shops had to be built lower than those of the Muslims.

Others claim that more than1,900 years ago, in the days of a cruel Persian monarch, some Jews from Bavel fleeing Persian persecution went north, reaching, and then settling in At this time, many degrading and restrictive decrees were enacted against the Jews.There were now 1,500 Bukharian Jews in arim because, even though they felt it would be too restricting to actually live in these colonies (as they were called in those days), they did want to be spiritually influenced by them.They also felt they had a different lifestyle and culture from the people living in these areas and they wanted to preserve their own way of life.Today, Ohr Batyah learns on one side of the building and Bnos Rochel on the other. The building is basically built in Italian Renaissance style, with beautiful features from many different architectural periods.(The Bukharim liked very lavish things, and would therefore take different beautiful features and bring them together in one structure.)Looking closely at the building, one can see many asymmetrical features (e.g., the seven windows on the front wall are in diverse sizes, and the spaces between them are not the same).

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