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He had a concubine, a free quadroon woman, Rebecca Dunstan Wright, and had 2 sons by her before he died in late 1786.

John’s father, Richard, was also a merchant master, with a long sea fairing career from 1740 until his death in 1778.

They did not make the fortunes that the sugar growers made (& lost), but provided livestock for the estates, both draft animals stock for meat and milk.

Our more recent Jamaican family were livestock farmers, “pen keepers”.Jamaica to the Spanish was of use only as a victualling stop for the fleets going to and from the Central American mining colonies.By 1660 when the last Spanish left, the English had an island virtually empty except for a few escaped Spanish slaves, who had probably interbred with the remaining Taino natives of the island: these fled to the Cockpit country and became the Maroons.nothing is known of his origins except that he was a native of Ireland.John & Rebecca’s surviving son, Francis, married Ann Wright, “reputed white” in the parish registers, whose father was probably Rebecca’s ½ sibling, making Ann and Francis ½ 1 cousins.

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